Jason Sudeikis at the end of the SNL finale

I don’t intend for all of my posts to be about people named Jason, but last night my husband and I were watching the season finale of Saturday Night Live and noticed during the (touching even though Kristen Wiig annoys me) send-off that Jason Sudeikis was upset/mad/annoyed (pick one) after he danced with Kristen Wiig and even looks upset when the sketch was beginning.  You can watch the video here.  See what I mean?

I had assumed that he was just upset about losing one of his castmates, and that might be it, but there is also some possibility that he will be leaving (perhaps after the election? Love his Romney and Biden impersonations).  Another update is here.

Whatever it was, I felt so badly for him.  He was obviously having a rough time up there.


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