Humans of New York should get the Pulitzer Prize

Like almost 9,000,000 other people, I follow Humans of New York (“HONY”).  I am amazed by it, not only by the way that it has gone viral, but because the stories are so raw, so real and are good reminders of the struggles of life and to be grateful for all you have.  It also gives people the human interactions that they crave and which can be so absent, despite all of the “social” media around us.  Every so often there are negative comments, but on the whole I have found that the people who comment are so supportive of the people featured in the photos.  If I weren’t already enamored with this site, the important photographs in Iraq over the last few days would have put me over the top — and the world is noticing.

Yesterday I was reading some comments and saw that someone suggested that Brandon Stanton, the founder of HONY, should receive the Pulitzer Prize.  I was intrigued by this idea because I think that his work goes to the heart of what the Pulitzer Prize is intended to be: “an incentive to excellence.”  Despite the fact that there are “no set criteria” for the prize, HONY fits the ideals of the prize and of Joseph Pulitzer well. I hope that Mr. Stanton applies for and receives this prize for his great work.

Note: My initial google search did not produce any helpful results.


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