How to plan a trip to the Rio Olympics

Two years ago today, while my husband and I were lazing on the couch watching the Olympics, we decided that we wanted to go to the Rio Olympics.  I promptly sent myself a reminder from (where you can write letters to yourself in the future) and forgot about it. Today I received the reminder.  This might be a pie in the sky plan, but I want to try to do it (of course we didn’t have an infant to think about when we decided on this plan, but we can figure that out later). 

So, now I need to figure out how to plan a trip to see the Olympics.   I’m sure there are lots of logistics involved, and I haven’t been able to find out too much about what to do. I think it may just be too early, since I would expect that the official Rio 2016 website would have information about travel if it is time to make those arrangements, but I couldn’t find anything on that site.

I was able to find a tour offered through Track & Field News, but (not surprisingly) it offers tickets mostly to track & field events and I want to go to more of a variety. I saw a bunch of other sites that did not have detailed information, so I’ll have to keep looking!



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