Dreaming of Dimples

A couple of years ago I was planning a sip and see for dear friends who had adopted a beautiful baby boy.  It was the first sip and see I had ever hosted so I was looking for ideas.  I came across this blog post, which was full of exciting ideas and included a heart-string tugging description of the reason she was hosting a sip and see for her friend. Her beautiful writing led me to read more of her blog, and through my reading I was touched by her positive outlook during a difficult struggle with infertility.  Last night for some reason her blog popped into my head.  I searched and was able to find her blog immediately.  I was thrilled to see this post from last week reporting that this blogger is now pregnant.  

This is something that I love about the internet.  I will never meet this woman in real life, and even if I passed her on the street I would not know who she is.  And unless the blogger happens to read this she won’t know that I — a random person on the internet — have been rooting for her this whole time.  But the internet can connect us in a way that is so profound.  I am very happy for this blogger and wish her a happy and uneventful pregnancy and a lifetime of joy with her baby.


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