The lobsicle

When I first heard that yet another lobster roll place was coming to the area I was less than enthused.  Having lived in Maine, I love all things lobster, especially lobster rolls. But I was concerned that lobster rolls would become the new cupcake, hamburger, or yogurt shop.

But then I learned that Lobster Me, which will open soon in Westfield Montgomery Mall, will serve lobsicles.  A lobster tail on a stick. That sounds awesome and I really look forward to having one (or two or three).  (And I’m also excited to eat the lobsicle in the new dining terrace at the mall — I was there a couple of weeks ago when it was partially unveiled and it looks awesome!)

By the way, the reason this is on this blog is that the other day I was scrolling my Facebook page and saw a reference to the word lobsicle in a Washingtonian post, but it was no longer on my feed by the time I went back to read it.  So, I googled lobsicle and Washingtonian and was rewarded with this great news!


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