It’s like they know us

Another post about a blog someone told me about. This tumblr account is hilarious.  It reminded me of Catalog Living (, which I used to read religiously and forgot. I went back tonight and it is just as funny as before.


Conference call in real life

Someone told me to check out the youtube video of a conference call in real life and I did.  It is spot on!

Where did Marion Barry get arrested?

Just heard a reference to former DC Mayor Marion Berry’s arrest on Bill Maher’s show and it made me wonder where his arrest took place all those years ago.  The answer is the Vista International Hotel, which is now the Westin City Center near Thomas Circle in DC.

I Will Rise

Sadly I had to attend a funeral of someone who left this earth way too soon.  At the funeral a vocalist sang the Christian-rock song I Will Rise.  Although I am not typically a fan of that genre, it was such a beautiful and touching tribute and I wanted to hear the song again.  The song really resonates with me.

Will Southern Charm be renewed for a second season?

I have a soft spot for Southern Charm, which is perhaps the worst of the worst of reality tv.  I was completely addicted to it. Today I wondered whether it was going to be renewed for a second seasons, and I was happy to see that it was renewed!  It also appears that Thomas Ravenel is planning to join the second season though NBC had not yet confirmed that as of last month.   

Glass-enclosed toilet on House Hunters

I just watched an episode of House Hunters featuring a couple named Seth and Keri looking for a home in Delray Beach, Florida.  One of the featured houses had a glass-enclosed toilet in the master bath.  I couldn’t tell for sure but it looked like there might have been no door to the bathroom, which if you like that kind of look, would have made good sense for there to be a separately enclosed room for the toilet. But this one was all glass.  All glass.  As in, sit on the toilet and look our at the world around you, and vice versa.

How very odd. I have not been able to find any references to why such a closet would exist.  If you came here searching for the same answer, let me know if you found any updated information (or what your theories are!).