Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee

Over the last couple of weeks I have lost count of the number of people who have told me to listen to Serial, the new podcast from This American Life.  For reasons I will not detail here, this case is extremely interesting to me and the way that the story is told is absolutely captivating.  I am only a few episodes in and despite my knee-jerk tendency toward believing in innocence, I truly do not know who I believe at this point, so Sarah Koenig and the producers of the podcast are doing a great job. I heartily recommend it — like all that This American Life does, it is an amazing production.

I was particularly interested in googling for information about the murder before Serial became so popular (which is hard to sort through since there are so many articles published in the last month). I found a couple of interesting sites.  At this point I am not reading too much about the case.  When I am binge watching (or here, listening to) something, I tend to want to read ahead by finding information on the internet and then I get upset by spoilers that I find.  I stopped myself this time and will not start reading until I finish the podcast — and depending on what happens then I may just start my own investigation.

That said, I came across a link about shows to watch when one is obsessed with Serial. I will need to come back to this soon. I am almost caught up and it will be hard to wait for a week to pass before a new episode is released, so I may need a new show to watch in the meantime!


How to activate iPhone 6

That’s what I googled because today I received my new phone! It was a long time coming as my old screen was full of cracks from multiple drops. So far I like the new phone!

I need some Swiftamine!

I saw this parody from SNL the other day and it makes me laugh so much.  Swiftamine was made just for me, to a tee.

And in case you have not seen Shake it Off, it is a great video and leaves me very conflicted about my prior annoyance with Taylor Swift. She is smart and has a good sense of humor!