Hello and welcome to my blog!  I often try to figure out what my hobbies are and over time I came to conclude that other than watching entirely too much time watching HGTV, my main “hobby” is playing on the Internet.  To be clear, I really don’t think that is a hobby, but for better or worse, it is what I spend most of my free time doing (while watching HGTV). I play games, read Facebook, read news, blogs, check email, and, whenever some random thought pops in my mind, I google it to learn more.  I’m inquisitive that way, and I am sure I am not alone.

My husband and friends blog and for some time I’ve thought about blogging.  Since google is already mining my searches and who knows what other data about me, I thought that I would make it more public by blogging.   I take issue with some of google’s privacy policies, but I still am amazed at how google has transformed the world.  There is a Friends episode where Chandler is playing a game show host and uses the word google and everyone laughs at that silly word.  That was in the late 1990s! Barely over a decade ago.  And now it is hard to imagine a world without google.  So, thanks google for helping to spread knowledge and make things so accessible.

My idea to write about what I googled was hatched a couple of years ago.  The issue (and it’s a really big one for someone who wants to blog) is that I don’t really like to write.  I tried to keep diaries when I was a kid and never got through more than a few pages.  Even on a life-transforming trip to Africa a few years ago I tried to keep a journal and it just didn’t stick. So, that’s a problem… but I am committed to trying!

This blog is going to be different than many.  You won’t find long, flowy prose on here. You will find concise tidbits about things I’ve found online and why I went searching for them in the first place.  It might be interesting to you (I hope so!).  And if you tell me about something that you’re interested in, who knows, maybe I’ll google it!

Here we go!



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