When will the musical Allegiance go on tour?

Ever since hearing an interview with George Takei a few years ago I have been eagerly anticipating seeing the musical Allegiance, which explores a sad part of our history, the Japanese internment during World War II.

It is opening on Broadway soon but I may not be able to make it to New York so am eager for a local production. According to the Allegiance website, a tour will begin at some point after the Broadway run starts, so we may be waiting for a while.


Why did Ford pardon Nixon?

As a followup to my initial question about President Nixon, I also immediately became focused on why Ford would have pardoned Nixon.  I will leave my commentary out for now, but here are some reasons…

Here is the original New York Times article about the pardon.

Here is a 2011 New York Times retrospective about the pardon.

And here’s the History Channel’s take on it. 


Why did President Nixon record his conversations?

Yesterday I listened to a very interesting interview on the Diane Rehm show with John Dean, former White House Counsel during the Nixon years about his new book about Watergate.  Nixon resigned a couple of weeks before I was born so I wasn’t around when it was big news. I’ve never studied much about Watergate but have always been intrigued by it.  I plan to read more about Watergate soon, but my first question was why the recordings in his office existed in the first place.  The answer is complicated and long, but I was especially interested to learn that many presidents, both before and after Nixon, have recorded their conversations.  More information is available here.