Gravity, Dr. Ryan Stone, and Aningaaq

Last night we watched Gravity. It was an excellent movie and I’m glad I saw it.  One question I had after the movie was exactly what the role of Dr. Ryan Stone was on the mission, so I googled Gravity to read the wikipedia page.  In my quick reading, I did not find the answer, but I found something even better. 

Jonás Cuarón, co-writer of the screenplay for Gravity, produced a 7 minute short of the other side of the encounter between Dr. Stone and Aningaaq, the Inuit fisherman with whom Dr. Stone makes contact through radio frequencies.

The scene in the film Gravity was touching, but seeing the other side of things, complete with the reason for the barking dog and the baby’s cries, is just one of the most poignant things I have seen on film lately.  I highly recommend taking 7 minutes to watch this — you will not regret it.