Fried avocado

I enjoy the series The Great American Food Truck Race on the Food Network. The season just started and one of the trucks, the Beach Cruiser, makes fried avocados.  I love avocados, as you might remember from my other recent post about avocados.  They are so tasty that it never occurred to me to do anything with them but eat them raw or mash them up and make some easy guacamole.   But after that show I googled fried avocados, and came across this post.  I am now intrigued and think I’ll try it this weekend.  

As an aside, one of the challenges on the last episode was for each food truck to make up a jingle.  One of the other food truck purveyors said that Beach Cruiser’s jingle was a failure. Well, I can say that three days later I still have the jingle in my head, and I’m apparently not the only one.  Check out this little girl singing the jingle! Fish tacos, fried avos! Fish tacos, fried avos! Fish tacos, fried avos!